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Find daily updates from Copart auctions is a free service to view statistics on prices for cars sold at the USA auction and real photos at the time of sale. This information will allow you not to overpay and make the right decision on the car that you interested in.

Convenient search help you to choose the brand and model of the car that you are searching for, also you can set year, status and type of damage. You can also search by VIN number or lot number.

In the search results, conveniently presented in the tables, you can find the basic data relevant to each car, and most importantly, you can find the last bid, that is, the price at which the car was sold.

If you want to check the history of the car according to its VIN code, then you should buy CARFAX or AutoCheck, or use a special offer and buy both with an additional discount. You can do it right on our site by clicking on the orange button "Full VIN!" in search result. You will see if car has been stolen, written off or still on finance. You avoid the risk of buying a car that was flooded, or car after a severe accident or even after fatal accident. We also recommend that you purchase this report so as not to be the victim of unscrupulous sellers who are ready to sell the car that can not move.

The benefits that you get from

  1. Statistics on sales prices of lots. We store in a convenient form all the information about cars sold at the US auctions from 2017.
  2. Real photos at the time of sale of cars. Photos will help you to visually assess the condition of the car and see all external damages.
  3. The history of car sales. You can see if a car was sold at auction multiple times and compare the specified data and photos. This is a very important factor, because known cases when cars after a severe accident are repaired only externally for visual hiding internal malfunctions. Later these cars are re-sold at auctions as cars in good condition and without apparent injustice.
  4. CARFAX or AutoCheck report for each car. Report about the car you are interested in can be purchased on the site for only $4.99 or $8.99 for a combo offer. Convenient search. You can search by manufacturer, brand and model, year of release, VIN or lot number.
  5. We value your time. You do not need monitor the progress of all auctions and record in the notebook of all bids and characteristics of cars. Just make a search and and all the information will be in front of you!

Why do we do this? The project created to allow everyone to get transparent information about the sale of used cars at auctions.

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